An Integrated Platform for the Business Network.

Increase Productivity

The iServer is a multi-functional device that will enhance the features and utility of your network thereby increasing productivity.

Security on the Internet

With the iServer you can safely provide Internet and Email access to your Corporate network.

Never Worry About Storage Again

The iServer storage capacity is upgradeable to 2 TB. No more worrying about running out of space.

Sync desktop files to the iServer

The iServer now lets you sync desktop files to the storage area and collaborate on shared folders directly from your desktop.

Branch Office iServer

The iServer can be used to connect the Branch Office to the iServer network. Cost effective Corporate WAN.

Email Server

The iServer built in Email service connects all your domain accounts into one. It has a modern webmail interface for those roaming users and Outlook can be used along with any standards compliant email client.

The Intranet Server provides any business with:

Safe Internet Access

iServer provides safe and secure Internet access to your network. The built in SPI firewall protects your corporate network from intrusion and attempts at hacking.

Corporate Email

All email communications are scanned for viruses and spams. All inbound and outbound email communications are recorded as per Corporate Data Compliance requirements.

Data Backup

Periodic and Incremental backup of server data is carried out to a detachable USB drive for redundancy and safe keeping off-site.

What users are saying:

"iServer has certainly saved us money, but more importantly it's saved us time and energy. I take one or two fewer aspirin each month." — Saints and Warriors (Advertising)
"The iServer is amazing. Everything is there, and it’s always available." — Thingna & Contractor (CA)
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