Intranet Server features
"Everyone uses it on a regular basis because it's not intimidating." — Jane Doe, ACME Enterprises

Email Server

Centrally collects and stores corporate emails. All emails and attachments are immediately accessible. The internal antivirus scanner scans all attachments. The spam engine will identify all spam messages. Emails can be accessed by ay email client e.g. Outlook, Thunderbird and also via a modern webmail interface from any web browser.

All messages are automatically archived for corporate compliance and legal requirement for keeping a record of all employee email conversations.

Manage Internet

The iServer will share a common Internet ADSL connection for the entire corporate network. The Internet will be much faster due to the inbuilt Proxy server. All website visits are logged along with the machine details.

As per Corporate Acceptable Internet Usage policy, access can be granted only to certain websites.

Network Storage

The iServer provides an upgradeable 1 TB Network Storage area. Optional user/group based access restrictions are supported. All Corporate relevant data can now be stored on this common storage area.

To ensure data safety; automated backup to an USB device is also supported.

Remote Access

Remote users i.e. offsite staff, road warriors can also access the iServer via the VPN service.

It appears that your firewall may be blocking or you are encountering an error.

Please contact your IT administrator to configure your firewall to recognize all sub-domains of and The ports that should be opened for these domains are 80 and 443.

If that does not resolve the issue, then please submit a support ticket at help.