Intranet Server features
Why choose the Intranet Server?


The Intranet Server is a very stable server Operating System. It is capable of operating 24/7 and highly suited for business critical environments.


The Intranet Server is highly scalable and can be upgraded any time to add additional capacity. Even at a basic hardware configuration it will far outperform any proprietary operating system.

License Free

The Intranet Server can be used without any additional Licensing Fees. There are no Client Access Licenses, nor any per-seat or per-device licensing requirements.


Each Intranet Server is fully supported by a dedicated team of technical professionals. Online, Telephone and Email support. Technical support is available world wide.

It appears that your firewall may be blocking or you are encountering an error.

Please contact your IT administrator to configure your firewall to recognize all sub-domains of and The ports that should be opened for these domains are 80 and 443.

If that does not resolve the issue, then please submit a support ticket at help.