Intranet Server features

Cost of the Intranet Server

The Intranet Server has two cost components;

    1. Implementation
  • The implementation of the Intranet Server involves the following activities; Requirement Study, Installation and Configuration. The implementation is completed within a maximum of 10 days. The consultancy fee is Rs. 20,000* per server.

    2. Support
  • Technical support for the Intranet Server includes online, telephone and email support.
  • Option 1: Annual: The annual support fees is Rs. 60,000* per server.
  • Option 2: Per-Incident: Charged hourly at Rs. 1,500* per hour. Advance deposit of Rs. 10,000* per server.

Please note that the server hardware is not included in the above quotes. The server hardware would depend on various factors like operational load, redundancy, number of users and other variables. On average, a mid-level server hardware would cost approximately Rs. 80,000 (USD 1,200).

* - Local levies, taxes applicable are extra

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