Intranet Server features
"Integrated seamlessly into our network. We were up and running within 48 hours." — John Doe, ACME Enterprises

Internet Access Solution

Pre-configured Intranet Server for controlled Internet sharing in the Corporate network. Allows enable/disable Internet access based on usernames, MAC address and/or websites. Scheduled time slots can be defined to allow Internet access e.g. allow personal email during lunch hours.

  • - Integrated Firewall
  • - Internet Proxy
  • - Name Server
  • - Auto Network Configuration
  • - Internet Access/Usage Reports
  • - Website allow/deny
  • - Scheduled time slot allow/deny
  • - MAC Address allow/deny
  • - Backup Internet Connection (Needs additional NIC)
It appears that your firewall may be blocking or you are encountering an error.

Please contact your IT administrator to configure your firewall to recognize all sub-domains of and The ports that should be opened for these domains are 80 and 443.

If that does not resolve the issue, then please submit a support ticket at help.